Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Finished lettering my first issue of Jon Lock's Afterlife earlier this week, here is a sneak peak of those pages but I'll wait a while longer to show you some of the book pages I designed for him.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dead Roots Credits

I was asked, and duly obliged, to do the credits for a few of the completed Dead Roots stories, have a look here.

Whats been happening ...

A brief update:

The Snowmanila project has gone on the back-burner while it gets an editorial eye passed over it which frees up some time.  

Just in time, really, to start work on a new gig lettering in Jon Lock's Afterlife which is very exciting and should equate to 8 monthly pages of work which is fantastic.  I did some design work for Jon last year and have kept in contact since, visiting several cons and some networking events so was delighted when he asked me to join the team, I will also be doing some design work for the publication which goes to the printers at the end of this month.

Another outcome of the Snowmanila rest is some work putting together a 250+ page graphic novel of Wolalina which will involve more design know-how but also some lettering on a few short stories that feature in what looks to be a really concise collection with the usual stories plus a whole bunch of extra stuff, hence the large page count.

And last but not least the previous update showed off some Dead Roots letters I have done (of which I will show more of once I am allowed) but another part of that project has been putting credits on several of the stories which I will put in the next post.  Hopefully there will be some more work from dead roots too.

Two Dead Roots projects completed

Finally got finished on lettering two awesome 5-page comics for the dead roots anthology.

'The Problem with Longing', written by Kimberley Newey and drawn/collaged by the ever versatile Roy Huteson Stewart. 

'Hide and Seek', written by Bhairavi Patel and illustrated by Jack Davies.

Both projects required very individual and unusual lettering styles to compliment the art and the stories and gave me a great opportunity to explore my own versatility and creativity within lettering.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Work Update 4 of 4

I was put in touch a production company who need a letterer for a comic and, fingers crossed, hopefully will be lettering this after Christmas once script edits and art are finished! Exciting stuff, they sent me a link to their Facebook page which has some examples of the artwork already done.  It looks amazing and really different, quite dark too so I look forward to having a crack at it and making the letters tie in with the rest of the visuals!

Work Update 3 of 4

I went on the hunt for a project to practice on while I wait for more of the ongoing beActive project and via digital webbing I found a project in need of a letterer and duly offered my services.

The offer was accepted and I was sent some of the art for a 3 comic run about treasure hunting snowmen!

I have only taken a first pass over the issue one so haven't got any my lettering to show as of yet but I thought I'd share some small versions of some of the splash pages contained therein.  Enjoy.

Work Update 2 of 4

In a week or so I travel up to Leeds for Thought Bubble which should be a lot of fun.

We are attending the comic convention thats spans the weekend but it is all part of a bigger week long larger sequential arts festival for which there is a of course a competition, yes, indeed, the Northern Sequential Art Competition.

Mike Garley ever-so-graciously asked me to letter his entry and I obviously obliged and you can view all the entries here but here is our entry for your viewing pleasure!

I shall keep you posted with the results as and when we here them!